Monday, July 19, 2010

Support and Trust the process : - ::: - : ::: Man, Woman, Child, we are all One

I am a woman of the Red Thread. What does that mean?

It means I honour my lineage of Woman. I am connected to all of the women before me and all of the women still to come. I am the first and the last Babushka, and everything in between. All the power of the world is contained inside me, just like the round little Russian Dolls who contain ultimate possibility inside their wooden wombs, I have my many babes inside, and I was once my Great Great Great Red Thread WomanGrandmother's babe inside... When she was born, she contained all of the eggs that could be her daughters and sons. She contained me in my mother in my grandmother in my great-grandmother in my great-great-grandmother. This story goes back to the first woman. The first birth. And all women, are my Sisters, my Mothers, my Daughters. We are all women of the Red Thread.

This article has been a few weeks in the making for me. I have been thinking long and hard about how best to Celebrate the energy of our country's first female Prime Minister. When I read the stories about her being an atheist or agnostic - or whatever she is choosing to call herself that decrees her alliance with Truth rather than Religion - I am even deeper in love with her. Yes! I am in love with this woman.
Heart Space - True Love
I am grateful and honouring and in the space of the heart : Love : toward Julia Gillard. This amazing, empowered, hard working successful woman is holding the Space of power in this country with dignity and Purpose. She is awesome. And She too, as Woman, is a woman of the Red Thread. I trust her to fulfill her Purpose - not because She's atheist and doesn't subscribe to religious propaganda, but because She is Woman.

She is a Woman who has as yet, chosen not to birth babes. She is the Babushka who holds her potential within and it is the job of the women of the Red Thread to support Her as midwives. She holds the potential of this country and is birthing the potential as Real. We do not need to call her energy in and hold her accountable. It is not up to us to check whether she is going to do the right thing! The right thing is whatever she does, because she is fulfilling her purpose. She is on the road of the Red Thread, writing a story never written in this country before. She is changing the way that the world thinks of Australians. She is changing the way Australians are thinking of Australians. She is raising the consciousness of our People just by BEing the different story. As conscious, spiritual, women and men of power, it is our job to support her!

Julia & QuentinTwo months ago, women in this country were still contained by a glass ceiling. Two months ago, women and men in this country were still being told all the lies of patriarchy. Eve's story of control by authority was true until the point when Julia Gillard was sworn in by Quentin Bryce and seen by the Queen of the Commonwealth! Now the story is a different one!

So stop the old story in your way of Being. Now.

How about this for a new story?

We are all women of the Red Thread. And the Sacred Brothers who support us are the strong arms around us. As women who sit in Moon Lodges and Red Tents we are holding the Space for the communities in which we live. That's our story right? And Julia Gillard, as Woman and leader, is holding the Space for the whole nation. Her partner sounds like a beautiful supportive man, and there is a True Love between them. But She can not hold the Space on Her own for too long. He can not support Her on his own for too long.

Our Aussie JuliaJulia Gillard has shown herself to be a successful, skilled woman with far-reaching goals and visions. This is the queenly energy we need in times of trouble and what the world needs to get the business done. We now have a person leading who is free to express her power and say no to old traditions that do not serve her. Julia Gillard has shown herself to be all of these things. As leader of the Nation, Julia Gillard is Empress supreme. She is the High Priestess of our Temple, because our Temple is this beautiful, powerful land we live upon. As the voting public of a democratic society, we are her Sacred Priests and Priestesses. A Temple is not run by the clergy telling everyone what to do, it is a co-creative process whereby every person has a part in the growth of the work. By feeding, sustaining, honouring the Temple. This empowers the High Priestess to make Right decisions. When she is supported she can be in Right Relationship with her People.

SO, Women of the Red Thread who sit in Moon Lodges and Red Tents across this country. Send out your Red Threads of support and connect it to the other women in the other Moon Lodges and Red Tents across the nation. And when we are connected we will create a web of support. Let the Red Threads weave and join to create a supportive, connected web that will draw up and hold Julia Gillard within. Don't expect her to isolate herself to the Red Tent like you would. Don't assume that by her standing out in front it makes her any less feminine. Instead, support her choice to keep standing in front of the nation. And use your power in isolation and Red Tent depth to share with her. Don't call her into the Red Tent, don't drain her power with your expectation and demands. Red Tent WomenConnect your Red Threads through the energy lines of the Earth. Sing the Red Thread to the many Tents and Lodges and send the web of Woman Power straight to the Nation's Capital - straight to the centre of the centre of Canberra, where Parliament House stands, surrounded by the green nurtured land in the many circles. Give Julia Gillard your support. Wrap Her in the power of the babushka lines. It comes from all the way back to the beginning, and it takes us all the way forward to the New Earth and consciousness of One. Julia's journey is as much a part of it as yours. Support her.

And Sacred Brothers; those who support the women who go into isolation at the time of the Dark Moon. Those beautiful powerful men who understand and support the women who send the Red Threads out each month, support your women. In doing, you are supporting the country. Hold those beautiful babushkas in your hands, massage their smooth shape and put flowers on their bellies! You are just as much a part of the Red Thread Web as the women. We are all One.

Over the next few weeks I will be singing forth my guided visualisation and Ceremony for the Dark/New Moon as part of my own Red Tent Circles in Canberra. With the election date announced for August 21, the Leo Moon on Tuesday 10th August will be a powerful time to set your intentions for success and inner power. In my Circle, we will be honouring Julia Gillard as a Woman of Power. It doesn't matter whether you are for Labor or Liberal, the Greens or One Nation! This Ceremony will be all about SEEing the mirrored, successful Empress Self and sending the Red Thread out as a web of containment and support for and with all of the women who are driven toward their goals - we are all working toward the New Earth and higher consciousness in our own way. The Red Tent is a place for nourishment and to fill our cups to be able to move forth in beauty and power for the next month. Let's fill the cup of our country! (And we'll do it without the beer and bbq!) For those of you who cannot attend a Circle, or who will be holding your own Circles somewhere in Australia at this time, the Ceremony with spoken meditation will be available as a Little Lesson Pack from the Lessonary Website. Join the Lessonary Email list to be notified when it is available.

Hollie B. is a Witch, Priestess and Indigo Adult Woman in Canberra,Hollie B. living the work of the Real World of love and beauty and awareness, with Perfect Husband Bolj, their band of kids and animals, and the Sun, the Moon and Mama Earth.

Hoya noo tai nua shea. Ola hey nu toia kete hehe, no atna heya. Maia Nie Heya. xxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unity : Honour the Plant Peoples : Let consciousness consume You!

On the 17th and 18th July there is another layer of the evolution of ascension happening. I understand that it's called the ninth wave conscious convergence, and it is all about Unity...

I feel as though there's a lot of intention toward the Unity of humanity; everyone's all about bringing humanity together as one. And then a few people are reminding us - “Remember the animals” and “Remember the flowers.”

I have become aware of another People on this Earth that we need to be ever so grateful toward. This is especially true for we Indigos.

The Plant Peoples are standing up to be counted at the moment, in droves! I'm not talking about the ones who help our healing process with their vibrational essences, like flower essences, but I am talking about the Plant Peoples we consume on a regular, daily, food basis.

If you are an Indigo who has been battling addiction issues (and we do because addictive substance is the Indigo Kryptonite) or you are someone who has recently developed food sensitivities previously un-noticed, this information is for you.

As human people are developing more sensitivities to food, and addictive habits are being dragged kicking and screaming away from us, the Devas of the Plant Peoples are saying 'Enough is enough! We no longer allow this blatant abuse of Our Peoples!'

The plants that we process to eat and drink, are banding together with their own collective consciousness. They are healing the human world by stopping us from the abuse of the Selves – us and them. By our violent reactions to some foods and addictive substances, we are being pushed further toward our individual evolution. The Plants we have always eaten are now working with us on a much higher level, by teaching about balance and right relationships...

If you abuse alcohol, illicit drugs, sugar, coffee, cigarettes.... it is time to turn it around. All of our addictive substances originate from a plant form! Honour the Plant Peoples you have developed such an attachment to. It is our job as an evolving conscious People to honour the other Peoples who are working at our side. This is true Unity.

So over the time of this next wave of conscious convergence I invite you to sit with the Plant Peoples who have worked by your side. Honour them for their work. This is how you will truly integrate their lesson. Consuming them is not the answer. It's as though for centuries we have felt the Power of these amazing Plant Peoples, but our awareness didn't allow us to see the highest way to integrate their lessons. Our egos told us if we consume the substance, we will take in their power. Just like a rampaging warlord we have been raping and abusing our closest allies, without realising our deepest pain is being exasperated by our actions. Humble, grateful and passionate honouring of the Deva Spirit of your individual Plant allies is the way to Unity – particularly at this stage of evolution for Indigo Children.

So whether you are battling addiction or you have come out the other side, whether you refuse to admit your 'problem,' or it is rapidly in your awareness, whether you have rashes or intense bloating, whether you have removed the substance from your home, or you have just bought some anew. Now is the time. I sense that Indigo Children the world over are finding awareness in the anchoring of right relationships with human friends. Please, please remember the Plants. They have a message for you!

It is time for Ceremony for the Plant Peoples!Grid
My suggestion is to create a Plant People grid in your Ceremony Space. The grid in the picture contains Juniper, Hops, Cacao, Yeast and Potato, plus various Stone Peoples and the pure beeswax candles for the transformtation of understanding. Just as you might create a crystal grid, the Plant Peoples can be set together in Sacred Space and their energies activated, working together and with you to raise the energy of your Space. They are powerful Peoples, honour them as such. **

If you know that you have an issue with a particular item, whether it's an addiction to vodka (potato), beer (hops & yeast/fungi), or an allergy to bread (wheat & yeast/fungi), the Devas have something to say to you. Sit down in Ceremony with them, and listen.

Take the substance back to the simplest, most organic state you can find. For example, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to Wheat, find organic whole wheat grains to honour the Deva Spirit of the Plant Person; Wheat.

So look at your issue:
Cigarettes = tobacco – the Plant Person who symbolises Unity.
Chocolate = Raw Cacao and Sugar Cane products can be found in health food shops. If you live in sugar cane regions, honour the plant directly.
Coffee = find fair trade, organic coffee beans.
Lollies = sugar, sugar, sugar.
Vodka = potatoes
Gin = juniper
Beer = hops, barley, yeast (fungi)
Wine = grapes
Bread = wheat and yeast (fungi)
Heroin = poppies
Marijuana = if you know you will have trouble with the plant direct, go the other way and honour the other options for its use : find hemp fabric, hempseed oil etc.

Allergies to nuts, strawberries and other seemingly non-explainable foods maybe due to the amount the food is sprayed with chemicals... find these foods in an organic form and honour them with thanks for opening your awareness to the need for pure, life sustaining substances. Support healthy growth of your food, just as you would support the healthy growth of yourself!

Now as you move into the future, find alternatives to the substances you have been abusing. Health food stores stock all sorts of sugar alternatives now, from different syrups, stevia and even honey. If need be, munch on the original, unprocessed form of your substance. I find Raw Cacao to be a healer of all cravings and ills. It is full of antioxidants and aids vitality. It's awesome! Working with the Plant Peoples in a way other than consumption will integrate the energies on a higher level. Your cravings disappear. Withdrawal symptoms cease. Now you are nourished on every level.

** More info on honouring the Peoples in your sacred Space in the Lessonary Course : Creating Sacred Spaces...