Friday, November 12, 2010

Holding a Space for Power in your Heart

I know there was already a blog yesterday, but recent events at Lunation have so filled me with inspiration and the words keep pouring forth, so here we go again!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you need to remove your energy from something or someone, to really be liberated in your ability to manifest what is True for You? If you haven't had that feeling, perhaps it's time to take stock and prepare to let go! Cut the chords. And release Your Self!

In truly co-creative and co-supportive Space, there is no room for the fear-based thought-forms that manufacture competition and ownership. This Life is a Sacred Journey to be celebrated. We ALL have something that is our Gift. For one person, it is cutting hair, for another it is writing books, for another it is holding Space for healing, for another it is cleaning and clearing... we all have something we are very good at. 

Of course, there is going to be more than one person on this earth who is a good hair-cutter. And this is the beauty of Life. Because there are enough people to sustain the need for hair cutting. One hair dresser is different to another, she holds a different manner, has different life knowledge and is inspired by different colour, texture and shape. And the wonderful thing about that? Every person who comes for a hair cut is different. Some will fit well with the energy of one hair dresser more than another. That is just the way it is. There is no need for the two hairdressers to compete with each other. If they are both doing quality work, speaking from their heart and celebratory in the joy of what they love, the perfect customers will visit them. If you find your gift, live it!

We must honour our Gifts so that there IS Enough for everyone. The world needs healers, but why be a healer if you're Truest Heart's Desire is not called to this Way of BEing? There is not one thing on this Earth that you 'should' do. Don't try to live as someone else, just because you think what they do looks fun/empowering/abundant/important/etc. Check with Your Self, is this my ego wanting this? Or is it a longing from my Truest Heart's Desire? The easy way to receive that answer? If everything fits into place as though it was 'meant to be' then it is coming form a place of Truth. Your Heart will sing in the joy of BEing in what you have tried to accomplish. On the other hand, if it is forever difficult, stressful, and too hard, then time to re-check your Purpose. 

Wanting to be like someone else, is not BEing Your Self. If you were here on this Earth to be someone else, you would have incarnated in their body! But you didn't. You're here in yours so suck it up and really See yourself for the power you hold. Often we 'want' to be something, instead of Live to BE our Self.

Gift your Self the honour of only mixing your personal energies with things and people that vibrate at a frequency that celebrates your worth. If you want to create more finances in your world, don't hang around with people who have a poverty consciousness. If you want to be healthy, spend time with people who enjoy being health-full. If you want business success, share with other successful business owners... That's all a part of Vibrational Magick.

BE your Truth, live your Way, and Walk with Power. With this you will be so full of abundant, bounty that you will KNOW there is enough for everyone. In this Space you will be willing to share, for the fear and want to hold onto your Power will dissolve when you walk in your absolute Truth. There is no need to hold onto Your Power when you Know that you have a Sacred Place on this Earth. Release Fear!

When You are willing to grasp hold of your Power, walk with your head held high, your tummy full of nourishment, and your heart open, THEN the world will truly BE at your finger tips. Live with your Truth in every part of your body dear hearts! 

Live your life as You, and Know just how much you are capable of! You cannot manifest the fruits of your Truest Heart's Desire by connecting yourself to energies that do not honour what you believe in. Let go of People, places and employment that does not serve your Truest Heart's Desire. Give away or throw to the trash objects and items that reflect someone else's Truth. Let go of the need to be 'on top of the game' and simply BE on your own game - actually - release the urge to think of this all as a game, and Be on and in your own Perfect, Divine Life.

This weekend, make a decision to let go of something that no longer honours your Truth. I know that you already know what that is. It was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read the last sentence! Let go of Fear. You are Perfect. Move forward in your Power. This you can do, because you are on this Earth. You already have the tools for wealth and health and happiness. It's time to uncover them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:11 : There is Enough of everything for You

Today, the Power of the 11:11 is in full action. It marks the end of the Cycles of Transformation we've all been deeply spinning through.

Your Star Seeds are being fertilised by the energy of the Universe today.

It will be common today to feel overtired and 'over' your life : I received an email from a friend this morning who said she wants to run away with a band of gypsies. Hang in there! Sit and Be in this Space and let the light of Love and Abundance pour into your Being.

I'm sure you've noticed the increase in electrical energy around you. This might reflect in nervous/anxious tendencies. Again, just allow yourself to Be. Let the energy wash over and through you. It's not going to be pouring in forever, but it's there today so suck it up while you can!

In our house, this energy created a Space for healing last night, in the form of Sincere Talking, turning into arguing, turning into tears, and back to Sincere Talking. Look deeply into the eyes of the Ones you Love. Trust them. Hear them. And speak your Truth to them without abandon. The People who love You want to know YOU. Share yourself from the heart. And you will be rewarded by all the beauty on this Earth. The sun shines brighter, and the birds sing more beautifully.

So for today, allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens the heart to deeper love. Allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens you to abundance and to see the Perfect road map that is your Life's Journey pan out in front of you. Accept that which has been created for you, and simply BE.

The rest of this month is expected to be a time of the urge to fit squares into circles. Forgive yourself for not being able to have exactly what you think you want, and just listen to what your Truest Heart does want. When you work from the heart, everything manifests in Perfection.

The Divine Essence loves You and wants to help you in your Perfect Path to your Truest Heart's Desire. So listen. Listen, listen, listen - not to others around you, but to your Inner Sincerity that says 'this is what I feel' and 'this is what I need'. When you hear these, you might also hear 'this is what Mama Earth is feeling' and 'this is what Mama Earth needs'.

When we work alongside our first Mother: Mama Earth, we are working with the Divine Plan that she holds for all of us. She Sees our efforts and lightens our load. She shows us that there is no need for struggle. There is no need to go against the flow. And there is plenty enough for everyone.

Know that there is enough for You. There is enough time, food, shelter, abundance, and love. Walk in your Truth, even if you worry it will upset someone else. If you are worried about such things, you are not minding your own business. As Minmia says - we are born first : Boss of Self. If you are not minding your own business, then why are you bothering minding any businesses at all? If someone feels upset from something 'you did' ask yourself 'Did I work in my own Truth and Sincerity? Was this action right for me?' and you will see that it is not your actions that has upset this person, but their own shadow, creeping up to bite them on the backside! It is not your job to show them their shadow. They'll see it in their own time, when they are ready. It is simply your job to Walk in your Truth. To Do what is Perfect for You. And to honour all that you meet with deep and humble Sincerity.

So today, in this time of 11:11 energy; I welcome you to release the Cycles that seem to continue yet no longer serve You. You are a Divine Being who is Perfect just as you are. You do not need to be like anyone else. Just be You. Listen to your Heart. Walk in Truth. You are a Person of Great Power.

Bless, - Hollie B.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indigos Be-ing Real : celebrity spotlight

Indigo Peoples : You are given a Purpose on this Earth. It is to BE Different. It is that simple. You are not broken simply because you are not like the mainstream. When you come to the understanding that You are 'meant' to be Different, you will find the acceptance within Your Self that you need. We are not like those who seek and find acceptance in their social circles. We will always feel different, because we ARE. And that's okay. Your Difference can create everything you need, and that is a part of creating everything the Earth needs. When all we Indigos work our Purpose on the Earth at the same time, the rest of the World will have no choice but to change. And so we are the Warriors of this Earth. Your strength is needed. Your strength is loved. Use your passions and beliefs (whatever they are) to fuel your work. Release addiction. Let nothing cloud your judgment, because you Truly know all you need to BE who You Are!

I've been promising this article for a while now! I want to write to you about an example of an Indigo Adult in popular culture, who is making a difference, just by BE-ing Self. This article is in no way a comment on this man's spirituality or belief. It is however, a comment on my own belief, and I know that the same is shared by many Spirit minded Peoples on the Earth at this time. This article is about showing you how we all fit into the big picture. So if you are Indigo, or you are a support for an Indigo child/adult, I gift this work to You.

Months ago I heard a song on commercial radio that entirely expanded my trust in the changing processes of this Earth. It inspired my belief that there truly are young people willing to make a difference. It proved to me, that no matter what happens and has happened, there are Indigos stepping up and forcing the change to the already established 'institutions' - and more often than not, right under that institutions' nose without them realising it.

So what was is this amazing, ground breaking, life changing, song of Indigo splendour?

Enter: Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars! Follow the link and have a listen to the lyrics of this song, if you've not heard it before. If you do know it - refresh! What I love about it is the desperation of wanting a better life on this Earth, coupled with the want to share and give and literally grow the world simply through generosity and giving. And in this there is so much Joy from these two young men. Bless!

And what's more it's right there in the mainstream commercial media. Finally, young people are singing along to something other than "I miss my baby" or "My heart is broken" or "The world needs a change but it's not gonna be me."

So, I heard the song, and I thought, 'Surely, this is an Indigo Man singing this song." So I went off to do a bit of Travie research. Wiki told me he was born 1981. Same as me. So if we're checking off the typical Indigo signs, there's the first one. That makes him 29 years old now. "Mmmm," I think, "he's just been through his Saturn return." So he's bursting onto the music scene with his first solo project (he is already known for his work in a musical group) right in the middle of the change period in his Saturn return. Everything looks to be going really well for him. Nice.

Side note : I have a theory about our 28 year Saturn return (astrological stuff : btw I'm no astrologer). While the Saturn return will bring great transformation to the cycles in our life that need ending, if we have been doing 'the work' before we get to this point, these changes will come with grace and ease. Trusting You, Forgiving You, and Accepting You are the keys to this time. You can do it with serenity or difficulty. I know which one I have chosen!

I found Travie McCoy's blog and was immediately inspired with the first words I saw : Travie McCoy is a real boy! If you have read/heard any of my previous work you will know that he's talkin' my language. I talk of the Real World being that which exists in our Truth, not the hustle and bustle of the mundane dross of life. The Real World is a place where the Sacred exists, in whichever way we choose to see the Sacred that is True for us. Now I am not making any comment on Travie McCoy's spiritual beliefs or life, but I do read the world in signs, and this one phrase : Travie McCoy is a real boy, told me that I was headed in the right direction!

So I continued in my search of 'Indigo signs'. You only have to take one look at this man to know there's no attempt to fit into the mainstream in him! Another tick in the box. His father is Haitian-born Israeli and his mother is of Irish, Hawaiian and Native American ancestry. I love this fusing of cultures and blood lines. The coming of so many Indigos and now the Crystal children (I believe) has only been made possible by the mixing of the Sacred blood lines on the Earth. It is as though, the Clan Mothers (the 13 indigenous council Women of the spirit world : who come from the 13 corners of the Earth, and once existed in physical form) have finally been able to blend their wisdom and gifts on the Earth, and we are growing as an Earth Peoples of All gifts. Bless.

As I trawled his blog I found that like so many of we Indigo Adults, this man has also fought and seemingly beaten an addiction. That's a thing the world does to us, prescribes drugs to help us 'fit-in' to the institutions that are here on Earth (ritalin, prozac, vallium...). It can beat us into submission and take us away from our Purpose in this world. Or, we can fight it off, beat it, and continue on our Purpose in an extremely strong and empowered manner. When we make it through to this point, all the positives are handed to us on a Silver platter. That's our work as Indigo children, to break the old institutions apart, and ushering a new way of BEing that is good for All.

Ahhh, so this man, born in the beginning of the Indigo influx, has beaten his demons, passed through Saturn Return and seems pretty darn happy with his place in the world. I've been following his Twittering and blogs now for the past few months and here is a Man who speaks from his feeling. His career is increasing with passion and honesty. He seems unafraid to speak his mind. Oh, and did I mention his ambassador job for those less fortunate around the world in The Unbeaten Track Project?

I feel deep gratitude for People like Travie McCoy, for the work they are doing. They are great role models for other Indigos around the world - and it doesn't even matter if they know that they are called Indigo Children by those of us who use that name. Their energy, their heart-felt compassion and their drive to change the world is that which is Perfect. It is what will and IS making a difference on this Earth. I truly believe that with a man like Travie McCoy in the mainstream media, doing what he does, and loving it, there is no going back. The 'old' paradigm really is collapsing, and love, abundance and beauty is taking the top of the rungs on this planet. And so I say Maia Nie Heya Travie McCoy, for this great work you Do. 

- Hollie B. is a Witch, an Indigo Adult, a Mother, Wife and Ceremony Woman. She journeys the Woman's Way, where the Divine Spirit is alive and True. Everything and Everyone is Sacred. Hollie B. believes that the more we Two-Legged Peoples DO re-member honouring of the Real World and its Peoples, the more bless-ed we BE. To find out more about Hollie B.'s work visit the Lunation Lessonary.